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London, England, United Kingdom

Using the ESP32 and Meadow F7 for .NET IoT Projects

Everybody thinks .NET and C# are for big servers or Windows machines, some in the know understand it now runs on Linux and Mac even your Mobile Phone with DotNET MAUI.

But very few know that you can also run it on a very small IoT device costing just a few £/$'s. Yes, your C# and .NET skills can be used on an IoT project to read data from sensors, control lights or a Servo and with the power of the Cloud hook all this data to your business services.

I this talk we will show how to use your .NET skills on Microcontrollers like the ESP32 or Meadow F7 and give a comparison of the two paths.

Using NanoFramework for the ESP32 and WildernessLabs Meadow for the Meadow F7 we will start with the tools needed and the Hello World of IoT Blinking an LED. We will then move through the stack talking sensors and data before adding the Cloud using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

Come and join it no soldering required, but there may be some smoke.

Due to the nature of the small size of the boards will have a 2nd camera on a table top to show the parts.

Target Audience is anyone that is a .NET developer at any level that wants to learn how their skills can be used in the small world of IoT.

Clifford Agius

Freelance Developer that just so happens to fly a Boeing 787 around the world.

Clifford Agius, Freelance .NET Developer and also blogs from time to time, is currently a two-time Developer Technologies MVP, specialising in Xamarin/.NET MAUI and IoT. By day, an airline pilot flying Boeing 787 aircraft around the world and when not doing that, Clifford freelances as a .NET developer. An active member of the .NET community, he is a regular speaker at conferences around the world.

Clifford graduated as an engineer from the Ford Technical Training Centre in 1995. After 11 years as an electrical/mechanical engineer working with Robotics and PLC Programming, he trained to become an Airline Pilot in 2001. Clifford became a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) in 2020 and went on to earn it again in 2021.

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