Getting Started with Open Source Software Development

The session will highlight my learning as a developer during the journey as a new contributor starting to contribute after attending a New Contributor Workshop during KCD Bengaluru to becoming a regular contributor to K8s (Graduated CNCF Project).

I will share the nuances of working together in the community and will focus on areas that need a lot of contributors now especially with the "chop wood and carry water" kind of work that could be easily done by students.

I will further focus on how various sigs runs mentoring cohort for contributors to grow up the contributing ladder and learn technologies necessary for taking leadership or helping the leadership, I have been part of such mentoring cohort under dev-commudle and now I'm a moderator of the cdn-dev mailing list.

Also I will try to focus on how new contributors loose interest while looking for good-first-issues, and I will try to emphasize the importance of regular sig meetings and discussions and help they have helped me to come up with solutions to help the project.

Dhrubajyoti Chakraborty

Developer Relations Engineer @ Harness | DevOps, Cloud Native, GenAI

Bengaluru, India

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