Implementing Monoids for Great Success

You've heard good things about monoids (not monads) and how useful they are for domain modelling, and you've decided to incorporate that into your programming style. That's great! But now you'd like to start making your own monoids in code, with some guidance. This practical workshop is for you! You will code a few monoids, and learn how to use them to the max.

You will:
- Understand monoids without a headache
- Create your own custom monoids on a few examples
- Discover many possible applications of monoids at work
- Learn how to test them, including with Property-Based Testing
- Learn tricks to make anything into a monoid
- Grow a curiosity for other mathematical structures

This workshop can be done in any programming language you're familiar with and that you have installed on your own computer.

Cyrille Martraire

Deliberate Designer, Consultant & Trainer


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