Property-based Testing with Monoids

You may already know Property-based Testing as a complementary approach to TDD. You may also have heard of Monoids: they are simple maths creatures really useful to model all sorts of real-life business situations. In fact, you're probably familiar with them without knowing it. If not, do not worry: we’ll cover them first before starting a kata expected to demonstrate how well they combine!

Join Cyrille & Mathieu for this 2-hour workshop where you will be guided towards coding your own domain model powered by monoids and guided by Property-based testing. You will be ready to apply monoids at work the next day and it will change your coding (and testing) style forever!

Expected Audience: this workshop is for developers in any programming language, Java and JavaScript being the sweet spot. You’ll code in your IDE or with the IDE of your coding partner if you’re willing to!

Key learning points:
- Discover or revisit your understanding of Property-based testing and monoids
- Start practicing Property-based testing on an ideal case thanks to the strong properties of monoids
- Acknowledge the limits of the approach, and the relationships with other design patterns

Cyrille Martraire

Deliberate Designer, Consultant & Trainer


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