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The modern data professional navigates a diverse data landscape, dealing with object stores, serverful and serverless data and relational and non-relational databases.

Having this variety of cloud data services is great, but accessing them can be challenging. And what if these services are outside Azure?

In this 60 minute L300 session, I explore various AWS services and their integration with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Firstly, I'll examine some common AWS data services. Then we'll access my AWS account and I'll show the full process of linking Amazon Athena to SSMS.

This section includes:

- An introduction to Amazon Athena.
- Configuring the Athena ODBC driver.
- Handling authentication through AWS IAM.
- Setting up a Linked Server in SSMS.
- Running some queries!

Join me if you grapple with accessing data in AWS, are an SSMS user curious about its integration with AWS, or have limited experience with Linked Servers and want to see them in action!

Damien Jones

UK Data Engineer | Creator at | Fin Fan | Dog Dad | He/Him

Manchester, United Kingdom

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