Getting Intimate with Alexa – Helping Nerds Get Dates!

Are you a nerd? Then this workshop might be for you! Anyone who’s ever watched The Big Bang Theory knows that nerds often have problems getting dates. The solution: use technology!

What I’ll talk about:
After starting with a quick nerd test, we’ll deep-dive into speech processing technologies such as NLU, NLP and ASR to get a quick overview of the terminology, examining the challenges along the way.
Then we’ll go into the four best practices for developing voice interfaces, giving all the nerds or romantically challenged members of the audience the tools they need to successfully ask that special someone ❤ out on a date.

Find out how (or how not) to:

* set up the time and place
* order dinner for your date
* keep the conversation moving forward
* not to sound like a wooden broomhandle!

Where my passion comes from
After my studies in foreign languages and language science, I’ve maintained an affinity for linguistics all my life. Working as a programmer, it was natural to develop an interest in the technologies which enable humans and computers to communicate using voice interfaces.

Why you should attend
The proliferation of assistants in the past few years has promoted rapid development of language processing technologies, as well as highlighting the challenges in properly programming the interfaces in the applications. Come find out what to do (and what to avoid) when programming for speech… …or trying to land a date!

Dan Fitzpatrick

General Manager at Frank REPLY, Practice Lead for Voice Machine Interfaces, REPLY AG

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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