From Automated to Automatic - Event-Driven Infrastructure Management with Ansible

A universal truth and recurring theme in the DevOps world is automation. From providing infrastructure to testing code to deploying to production, many parts of the DevOps lifecycle get automated already. One popular technology for managing infrastructure and configuration in an automated way is Ansible, but are we fully utilizing its capabilities yet?

This presentation will give a broad overview of Ansible and its architecture and use-cases, before exploring a relatively new feature, Event-driven Ansible (EDA). Analzying applications of event-driven Ansible, participants will see that automated management is nice, but automatic management is awesome, not just regarding DevOps principles, but also in terms of reaction times, the human tendency for minor mistakes, and toil for operators.

Participants will get first-hand insights into Ansible, its strengths, weaknesses, and the potential of event-driven automation within the DevOps world. All hands-on labs will be made openly available on GitHub for everybody to work through at their own pace.

Daniel Bodky

Open-Source Enthusiast with a Passion for Automation

Nürnberg, Germany


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