From Dev to Prod with Acorn - Simplifying Kubernetes Deployments

As Kubernetes adoption continues to grow, more and more developers find themselves in situations where their applications are containerized and ready for deployment but configuring connectivity, volume claims, secrets, and the like might still be cumbersome and complicated at first.

This is where Acorn chimes in with its docker-compose-like look 'n feel, its consistency between Dev and Prod environments, and its 'batteries included' approach, e.g. by enabling and configuring TLS and DNS for your applications right away, if wanted.

Over the course of this workshop, participants will be taking our sample containerized application, consisting of a web app, a Redis instance for data caching, and a PostgreSQL database for persistent storage, and convert it into an application deployed on Kubernetes using Acorn.

We’ll cover the primitives for deploying container applications, such as port configuration and file mappings to more advanced features of Acorn's configuration language AML like probing, templated secrets, args, and profiles, participants will get a concise, yet comprehensive overview of Acorn.

Source code and manifests used over the course of the workshop will be publicly available on the speaker's GitHub account.

Daniel Bodky

Open-Source Enthusiast with a Passion for Automation

Nürnberg, Germany


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