Architectural Design Patterns Deep Dive

In this day-long work workshop, we will review a catalog of all the standard architectural design patterns. For each design pattern, we will run docker-compose files that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of those design patterns. So, you have a first-hand, full-on, and highly engaged full-day workshop to give you the knowledge you need to make critical architectural choices.

All labs and examples will be using docker-compose. The examples that we will be focusing on in this intensive workshop include:

* Hexagonal Architecture
* Domain Driven Design
* Circuit Breaker
* Retry
* Bulkhead
* Ambassador
* Event Sourcing
* Competing Consumers
* Claim Check
* Materialized Views
* CQRS (Command-Query Responsibility Segregation)
* Strangler Fig
* Gatekeeper
* Valet Key
* Saga Pattern
* Data Mesh

Daniel Hinojosa

Independent Consultant

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