Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes with Spinnaker

Back in 2005, when an unknown program called Hudson came onto the scene, I was pretty excited. I had used CruiseControl up to that point and was getting pretty comfortable with the notion of Continuous Integration.

Hudson had terrific graphics and an intuitive UI, unlike Cruise Control with XML-laden directives. I thought the future was here. Then some cracks started showing, particularly in the delivery aspect of Hudson. I had used a Tomcat plugin, but trying to get a jar, use various environments, became a juggling act.

Then came Docker, and I loved it because we get to deploy an image! No more SSHing into a box and messing things up. We had immutability.

Now, we have Kubernetes, a system that takes these immutable containers and monitors them, among other great features.
Jenkins still has its place but as CI, Continuous Integration. In this presentation, I will demonstrate Spinnaker, a system developed by Netflix for CD, Continuous Delivery. I will demonstrate how to set up, deploy, monitor, rollback, and scale our pods with the ease of just selecting an item on a menu.

Daniel Hinojosa

Independent Consultant

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