Daniele Fontani

Information & Communications Technology

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Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Learn AspNet.Core best practices building an Opensource Headless CMS

The speech stands on opensource software development, using RawCMS, an asp.net core headless CMS as a case history to explain how to build an opensource software from scratch. During the speech, I will introduce the architecture and the issues we found, explain how to solve in projects every day.

Raw cms is an opensource headless CMS in asp.net. Complete this project was a challenge due to the hard requirements. During the speech, I will introduce the architecture and the issues we found, explain how to solve them, and how to use such knowledge in projects every day. By the technical part, what is behind this project is the best setup for all asp.net core projects keeping in mind modern requirements. Keeping the RawCms experience in the background, during the speech will be presented a best-practice architecture, covering:

- Authentication (Oauth2 with the build-in server or federated via introspection)
- Interaction between SQL and NO SQL database
- Plugin system in C#
- Hooking system
- AOP and code automatization
- Docker integration
- Devops for the stack with low effort

You can find a demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2qxBEqfy1Q&t=7s

The slides: https://speakerdeck.com/zeppaman/learning-asp-dot-net-core-best-practices-with-an-opensource-project

Daniele Fontani

CTO building a better tomorrow

I'm CTO @Sintraconsulting and I worked as Senior Developer, Team Leader and architect in a very large set of enterprise projects. I had a master's degree in Robotic science and another master's degree in project management. My experience in technology extends on many technologies (java, PHP, .net) and platforms (Sharepoint, Liferay, Pimcore) other than techniques (Agile, DevOps, ALM). I’m also interested in Agile techniques, project management, and product development.

**The opensource experience**
My second life is about opensource. I started in 2006 with an IDE for CSS, and I founded a group of opensource developers called "arduosoft", because make opensource software in the spare time was arduous.
During the last 13 years, I created many opensource projects, most of them failed. This is a very big experience and teaches me how to start an opensource project and avoid it will fail. Nowadays you can find on my personal GitHub account (https://github.com/zeppaman/) or into the Arduosoft organization account (https://github.com/arduosoft).

**My experience as speaker**
I'm writing about cloud transformation on most important Medium publications (The Startup, Better programming, Towards Data Science) and my profile is https://medium.com/@daniele.fontani

I write on the Codeproject community for 13 years and I’m now a member of the author’s group ( https://www.codeproject.com/Members/sir-zeppaman).
I’m one administrator of the meetup group TechItalia Tuscany that has the goal to link professionals and creates a network through technical meetings https://www.meetup.com/it-IT/TechItaliaTuscany/

I speak publically once a month. I have spoken physically or virtually in many countries (Uk, Jamaica, Italy, Belarus) about DevOps, opensource, and cloud transformation.

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