Accelerating the Inner Loop Development for Kubernetes

When you move to Kubernetes and you might want to enable a GitOps/DevOps/AppOps workflow, your inner development loop becomes more complicated. For example, you will have a few more steps in your inner loop development workflow such as build a container image based on the application and dependencies, a quick sanity test with running the container image, push it to the external registry, pull that image to the remote Kubernetes cluster. You might also need to externalize some configurations by using Kubernetes features like ConfigMap, Secret. Of course, you also need to figure out how to create YAML files for creating Kubernetes manifesto or resources. In the end, it will take 2~3 times longer than traditional inner loop development without Kubernetes.

This talk with a demo showcases how developers can have the same experiences to accelerate their inner loop development from local to the remote container environment, Kubernetes using Quarkus. But IT leaders also learn the way they can help their development teams for improving Inner loop development quicker.

Daniel Oh

Senior Principal Developer Advocate

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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