Get Quarkus Funqy the next time you hit a Serverless dance floor!

No doubt to transition existing cloud-native microservices to serverless functions anytime for optimizing resources on Kubernetes but also scaling out the functions in a variety of FaaS/Serverless platforms at speed. However, each platform provides different APIs, syntax, and runtime restrictions to write a function that is not enjoyable works for serverless developers. Quarkus Funqy aims to provide portable Java APIs for developers to write a function and make it deployable on multiple Serverless platforms(i.e. AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, Knative Eventing). In this session, we'll walk you through how Quarkus Funqy makes you(developer) dance on the Serverless floor for fun without code changes.

Daniel Oh

Senior Principal Developer Advocate

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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