Daron Yöndem

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Azure Serverless Architecture Engineering Culture & Leadership

Istanbul, Turkey

What’s in Azure for your mobile projects?

You are building mobile applications and wondering what’s in azure that can help you offload some of your responsibilities and increase your speed in delivering your projects? You are in the right place. In this session, we will take an end-to-end look from the backend to the client focusing on how you can improve performance, secure communication between server and backend, and implement a mobile DevOps approach to automate the delivery and testing of your mobile apps.

Daron Yöndem

Microsoft - Azure App Dev Lead for Middle East and Africa

Daron has 18 years of experience with solution architecture, team building, and engineering management. He received Microsoft's prestigious Regional Director award for 13 consecutive years with multiple Gold Global Impact Awards. He holds Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional distinction for 14 years with a focus on AI and Azure. Daron led multiple SaaS startups for eight years, launching cloud and appliance products. He is a regular speaker at international conferences focusing on microservices, serverless, DevOps, AI, and IoT. Daron currently works as the Azure Application Development Lead in Middle East and Africa for Microsoft.

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