Dasith Wijesiriwardena

Information & Communications Technology

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Behaviour Driven Development With SpecFlow and Selenium

Behaviour Driven Developmentā€™s appeal and benefits are legion. To get the most out of the approach you need the proper tooling. I will explore how you can use SpecFlow and Selenium to test your system end to end while not losing focus of business requirements throughout. You will see how much value this can add to your software development practice and why many people use this combo. I will touch on the benefits of BDD and dive into some code samples to showcase the workflow during the presentation.

First delivery @ SeleniumDay 2018 - https://1point21gws.com/selenium/melbourne

Dasith Wijesiriwardena

Senior Consultant - Telstra Purple

Full stack .NET dev with distributed systems focus. Keen problem solver and improving cricketer. Currently working at Telstra Purple.

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