Building Trust Brick by Brick: Exploring the Landscape of Modern Secure Supply Chain Tools

In the rapidly evolving landscape of software development, open source dependencies have become the building blocks of modern applications, enabling rapid innovation and collaboration. However, this newfound efficiency comes with inherent risks, as the supply chain for software becomes increasingly complex and vulnerable to various threat vectors.

In "Building Trust Brick by Brick: Exploring the Landscape of Modern Secure Supply Chain Tools," we embark on a captivating journey through the critical importance of secure supply chains in the software development lifecycle. Join us as we delve into the challenges posed by open source dependencies and the innovative tools that have emerged to address them.

We live in a Kubernetes world. As more and more workloads are run on Kubernetes, it becomes essential that every dependency that contributes to compiling, building, and running workloads need to come under the scanner. We will explore tools that allow you to build a chain of trust from source code to running container instances.

During this talk, we will explore how the convergence of software development and secure supply chains has become paramount in instilling confidence and mitigating risks. We will examine the threat vectors that jeopardize the integrity of the software supply chain and highlight the need for comprehensive security measures.

Dasith Wijesiriwardena

Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Melbourne, Australia


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