Using Dapr and Tye to accelerate your distributed systems journey

Building a distributed systems or microservices are on of the hardest things you will do as a software developer. Specially if you want to do them properly. Dealing with non trivial concerns like service discovery, tracing and fault tolerance can be tough for smaller teams to solve by themselves. Even if you do, the long term maintainability of it requires significant investment. With Kubernetes being the platform of choice for deploying modern containerised workloads, the ability to debug and test these applications locally is becoming more of a challenge. Lets see how we can leverage Tye and Dapr to accelerate this process. This talk aims to introduce you to the building blocks of Dapr, how you can use them to build your microservices and then use Tye to run them in your development machine with minimal setup. We will look at sample code to better understand what Dapr offers and how you can utilise the Dapr building blocks to compose a well rounded distributed solution. You will see how Tye can be used to orchestrate your dependent microservices and get a "fake but real" kubernetes experience on your local machine with just enough to validate, test and debug your services.

Most development teams today have at least a few distributed pieces of they software solution. Not all teams have experience to deal with the fallacies of distributed computing. As a result many systems they build are very brittle. Using Dapr, they can leverage the industry best practices and knowledge to compose their solutions based on building blocks. This still doesn't solve the challenge of easily running and testing them locally. This is where Tye comes in. I want to show the capabilities of these two exciting projects from Microsoft and get more development teams engaged.

Dasith Wijesiriwardena

Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Melbourne, Australia

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