Dave Karow

Deliver Results, Not Just Releases: Control & Observability in CD

How do companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, and booking.com crush it year after year? Yes, they release early and often. Look deeper and you'll find that all of these teams also build in fine-grained control and observability of the payloads passing through their CD pipelines, allowing them to ship faster, with greater safety, while focusing on observable customer impact (results), not just releases.

The lessons learned from early implementations of this approach (known as “shift right testing” or “feature experimentation”) have been published, but not widely read. This talk is a condensed summary of a decade’s worth of those lessons, followed by key takeaways that will equip you to achieve similar benefits in your own environment.

#continuous delivery #observability #experimentation #data science #devops

First presentation of this talk: DeveloperWeek Austin 2019.

This talk is zero % sales pitch. There is no mention of my company's product or customers in this talk. I'm in it for the long term, where awareness that this approach is possible will lead some folks to build their own, and some to buy from my employer. Have a look at my slides or video from GOTO Chicago for an earlier version: https://gotochgo.com/2019/sessions/951/slides https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4l0iwa0XHw

Dave Karow

Build software faster without breaking things. Test what works (user behavior vs your opinion).

As Continuous Delivery Evangelist at Split Software, Dave speaks about feature flag strategies that connect progressive feature delivery with per-session observation of system health, user experience and user behavior. Dave grew up in Silicon Valley as it evolved from chips to software and then internet services, giving him a unique perspective on the long arc of technology evolution. Before joining Split, Dave evangelized the “shift left” of performance testing at BlazeMeter, helping dev teams ship faster with greater confidence.

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