Dave Fancher

Information & Communications Technology

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

A Closer Look at .NET Delegation

Delegation is at the heart of many of .NET's most powerful features including LINQ and the Task Parallel Library (TPL) but have you stopped to consider what delegates are or why they play such a prominent role in modern .NET development? In this session we'll go beyond the lambda expression and look at delegates from the bottom up. We'll explore what delegates are from the perspective of the .NET Framework, how generics enhance delegates, the role delegates play in functional programming, and we'll even look at a few ways to abuse, err, enhance the multicast delegate experience.

Dave Fancher

Developer and trainer

Dave Fancher is a lead software engineer at Vibenomics in Fishers, Indiana; a former Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies; author of The Book of F#; and author of Functional Programming with C# and Building F# Type Providers on Pluralsight. He has been building software for nearly two decades with an emphasis on Microsoft technologies. Over the past several years he's focused much of his attention on functional programming. Most recently his efforts have been focused on Node.js development.

Dave is active within the software development community and has spoken at numerous events throughout the United States and England and has co-organized the Indy.Code() conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

When not writing code or writing about code he enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, and gaming on his Xbox One.

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