Dave Ruijter

Actionable insights using Power BI, PowerApps & Flow

Integrating Power BI with PowerApps and Flow makes it possible to immediately act on the insights discovered in your data. Close the digital feedback loop leveraging these three powerful services.
In this demo-rich session with real-world business use-cases you will learn:
• How to integrate a PowerApp inside your Power BI report
• How to talk to the Power BI data model from inside the PowerApp
• How to invoke workflows from Power BI & PowerApps

Dave Ruijter

Cloud Solution Architect Data & AI, Microsoft MVP

Dave is a Microsoft MVP, public speaker and consultant, helping organizations realize the full potential of the Azure Cloud & Power Platform. He brings a decade’s worth of experience to the table and is a passionate Power BI evangelist, eager to share his knowledge and experiences from the field.

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