Dave Ruijter

Building an end-to-end monitoring solution using Azure Logic Apps, Azure Monitor and Power BI

Thinking about building a monitoring solution for your (custom) application? Or do you need a place to bring together logging/metrics from multiple sources, giving you a unified overview? We have built such a solution with Azure Monitor, Azure Logic Apps, and Power BI reports. In our case to monitor and govern the end-to-end Power BI platform, but you can easily apply this solution architecture to monitor other (custom) applications. After an overview of the involved services, we will get hands-on and dive right into the Azure Portal and demo all the bits!

Dave Ruijter

Cloud Solution Architect Data & AI, Microsoft MVP

Dave is a Microsoft MVP, public speaker and consultant, helping organizations realize the full potential of the Azure Cloud & Power Platform. He brings a decade’s worth of experience to the table and is a passionate Power BI evangelist, eager to share his knowledge and experiences from the field.

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