Hey Debugger! Follow that Message!

As we move from monolithic systems to distributed or "event-driven" systems, one of the challenges we may face is following the execution thread of the business logic for a particular case.

In traditional monolithic systems, it is somewhat easier to follow the execution flow by simply following the code and the calls between components/methods.

But when we move to distributed, asynchronous, or event-driven systems, we will find ourselves at a point where we send a message and feel like the one who reaches a deep river with no bridge to cross it... we will see our message disappear without an easy way to follow it.

Or we will feel like in those movies where the bad guys run away at full speed and the good guys have no car to follow them....we will be left with the urge to get in the cab and tell the driver... Follow that message!

In this talk, we will explore the problem of debugging distributed systems and look at some important things to keep in mind when debugging distributed systems.

David Gomez G.

Java Champion, Developer Advocate at @Axon_IQ

Madrid, Spain

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