Hidden gems and traps that you probably haven't thought of using Event Sourcing.

Most likely you have heard many concepts about Event-driven architecture, which is so popular these days. In this session we will focus on Event-Sourcing: and we will put it in context and compare it with other event-based communication mechanisms.

More specifically, we will answer three very precise questions:
- What: What exactly is Event Sourcing? And how does it differ from other techniques relating to Event-Driven Architecture?
- Why: What can Event Sourcing do for you?
- How: What should you be aware of and how should you implement Event-Sourcing to get the most out of it? But we will also mention things to be aware of if you want to avoid some uncomfortable pains and problems.

Finally, we will look at three real-world examples where event sourcing has delivered real benefits.

David Gomez G.

Java Champion, Developer Advocate at @Axon_IQ

Madrid, Spain

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