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Are you ready to deliver amazing Blazor application experiences outside the browser to desktop and mobile? .NET 6 for the first time ever introduces "in the box" support for building client applications that target Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows for a simple codebase. Together with .NET MAUI you can share Blazor components across web and client technologies to maximize the advantage of your productivity with Razor, HTML/CSS, and C#, and access all the platform APIs and platform UI at the same time.

In this session, we will explore how you can easily build web, desktop, and mobile applications using Blazor and .NET MAUI. We will cover topics such as:

* How Blazor and .NET MAUI work seamlessly together
* .NET MAUI controls, styling, and native platform integrations
* Productive developer experience with hot reload and Visual Studio 2022 tools

David Ortinau

Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

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