Five take-aways from teaching in Virtual Reality (VR)

In my lightning-talk, I will share my experience gathered over the last semester of online teaching, where I used Virtual Reality (VR) instead of Zoom. The five key take-aways are (1) VR offers some specific new opportunities for smooth online teaching and collaboration far beyond video-conferencing software, (2) VR requires a new didactical approach and a new schedule, (3) technology acceptance should not be underestimated even for open-minded students, (4) alternative learning paths become key, and (5) VR can be fun but also exhausting. During the five minutes, I will share short video clips of the platform (Engage) that we used and share our experience. In addition, I will provide some background about the technical and administrative requirements in our case. Very briefly, I will touch on key highlights from a split-survey-based study that we conducted among our participants. I will close by open-ended questions about potential avenues to improve teaching with VR further.

David Wuttke

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management at Technical University of Munich

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