Azure SQL and SQL Server for Developers - Immersion Workshop

A full day packed content to learn everything you need to be a great developer with great Azure SQL knowledge and T-SQL skills. And knowing SQL, as the whole IT industry now recognizes, is really a developer
's super-power. So don't miss this chance to learn anything one the best database for developers in the cloud. After defining some foundational concepts around database architecture and introducing security key points, we'll start from the basic concepts of tables and their design best practices. Then we'll move to indexes to understand why and how they are vital in improving performance. We'll then move to query plans, transactions and everything related to consistency *and* scalability. Functions, stored procedures, and views will also then be discussed, closing with some additional best practices, "lesson learned" and overviews of some more advanced features that can make a developer the hero of the day.

Davide Mauri

Microsoft, Principal Product Manager

Redmond, Washington, United States

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