Davide Mauri

Information & Communications Technology

Azure SQL Server Azure SQL Database Hyperscale Microsoft Azure .NET Python

Redmond, Washington, United States

Serverless Scalable Back-End API with Hybrid Data Models

Azure SQL natively support to JSON is really a game changing feature as it allows both object model and relational model to happily live together, allowing application developer and database developer to use the best model - or even both - for their need. It also provide great performances and flexibility and helps to achieve great scalability and agility. In this session we'll see how one can create REST API with the language if its choice while leveraging JSON to communicate efficiently and comfortably with the database and to create hybrid data models, taking the best from relational and non-relational world.

Davide Mauri

Microsoft, Senior Program Manager

Azure Data Platform MVP for 12 years in a row, now Program Manager in Azure SQL team, focusing on developer experience. Developer at heart, heavy metal lover; once a biker, now waiting for kids to grow old to start to travel the world again.

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