Davide Mauri

Information & Communications Technology

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Redmond, Washington, United States

Stream Processing at Scale on Azure

Stream processing is becoming more and more important in many scenarios. It can be found in Microservices Architectures, Near Real Time Operational Analytics, IoT and Smart Building solutions and Real Time Data Processing. Azure offers a lot of options to implement a Streaming At Scale solution, and a good knowledge of the pros and cons of the various technologies involved is vital to architect and implement the correct Lambda or Kappa architecture for your solution.
In this session we'll go through the most common way to implement a Streaming at Scale solution, sharing what we have learned from many engagements with the most diverse customers throughout the world.

Davide Mauri

Microsoft, Senior Program Manager

Azure Data Platform MVP for 12 years in a row, now Program Manager in Azure SQL team, focusing on developer experience. Developer at heart, heavy metal lover; once a biker, now waiting for kids to grow old to start to travel the world again.

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