Best practices to deploying mern stack applications on azure

As an engineer, it never ends with development. Deployment is always part of your package. Microsoft Azure has proven to be reliable to deploy just about any application. In this session, Kati Frantz and Dawood Iddris will show you all about deploying your MERN Stack Application and some best practices to follow. A couple of questions that will be answered include should I use PAAS or IAAS, how do I handle the CORS issue, how do I provision a database, do I need a replica of the database, how about latency, how often should I back up my database and so much more. Join us to learn it all along with us in a demo session.

Azure Account, Knowledge of MERN Stack Application

Dawuda Iddrisu

Chief Technology Officer at BezoMoney | Microsoft AI Most Valuable Professional & Gold Learn Ambassador | Ambassador at | Full Stack Software Engineer

Accra, Ghana

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