Why scaling out is important

We mostly won't get a real sense of why scaling up is so important until the moment is down. Azure is obviously a go to when it comes to leveraging a PAAS in hosting web applications. The various plans including the testing plan hosted our first 2,000 to users with no stress and the only amount we paid for the 4months duration was $30. All seemed very well until our number jumped from 2,000 users to 18, 000 and from that 32,000 users. This numbers thought my team and I the important of scaling up. Join me in this session and let's talk about why and when to scale out.

This is made for developers who are already using Azure services and looking at learning more about being conscious of their app.

Dawuda Iddrisu

Chief Technology Officer at BezoMoney | Microsoft AI Most Valuable Professional & Gold Learn Ambassador | Ambassador at | Full Stack Software Engineer

Accra, Ghana

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