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Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain

Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone

Many of us are so afraid of failure that we would rather do nothing than take a shot at our dreams. But what if I told you that everything you ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone. Of course the comfort zone isn’t even real. It’s a mental concept, a boundary that you have created and it exists only in your own mind. But the comfort zone feels safe, doesn’t it? We get a sense of familiarity, security and certainty. When we step outside of this we take a risk and expose our self to the possibility of stress and anxiety as we have absolutely no idea what will happen and how we will react.

Those who are willing to take risks and step outside their comfort zone will be those who reap the biggest rewards. Being slightly uncomfortable can push us to achieve goals we never thought we could. Taking risks is what helps us grow.

Debbie O'Brien

Head Developer Advocate at

Debbie O’Brien is Head Developer Advocate at Debbie has over 10 years experience in Frontend development. She has worked as a Tech Lead and consultant for many important clients with varios technologies and often with a strong focus on performance. She has lead teams both in house and remotely as well as giving workshops and training. She has many years of experience as a mentor for online learning platforms, Treehouse and OpenClassrooms. Debbie is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in developer technologies, Google Developer Expert in web technologies, Cloudinary Media Developer Expert, Auth0 Ambassador and Nuxt Ambassador.

Debbie has a special love for JavaScript frameworks especially Vue.js and Nuxt.js and has now ventured into the React world. She also loves improving performance with webpack and of course the Jamstack. She holds a Frontend and FullStack Tech Degree and is Microsoft certified. Debbie is an international speaker, who has spoken at many meet-ups and conferences worldwide on many continents including Antarctica. She is an open source contributor and a teacher at Vue School and Jamstack Explorers and is also a writer for Ultimate Courses.

Debbie is Irish but lives and works in Mallorca, Spain and when she is not writing code and studying new technologies she can often be found doing all sorts of sports from running, cycling, body combat and skiing and of course Taekwondo where she is a 4th degree black belt.

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