50 reasons why JetBrains Rider made me a more efficient C# developer

As long as I’ve been developing in C#, I remember I’ve been looking for add-ons to make me more productive. In 2004, I discovered JetBrains’ ReSharper for Visual Studio. It improved Intellisense, the coloring of identifiers, the many built-in refactorings, it felt like a new world opened up to me. But I also noticed that with every new Visual Studio and ReSharper release the memory and CPU footprint increased a lot. In 2016, JetBrains announced Rider, a full-blown IDE for .NET and C# developers based on there wildly successful IntelliJ IDE and all the power of ReSharper. By the end of 2017, I fully switched to Rider and I never looked back.

Since then, the competition has been running behind more and more. By now, Rider is the most refined IDE you can wish for, and the improvements and features just keep coming and coming. Think of things like a predictive debugger, a very powerful integrated Git client (supporting interactive rebased), unrivaled code navigation and refactoring options and a solution-wide code analysis. So in this talk, I'd like to show you at least 50 reasons why Rider made me more productive

Dennis Doomen

Hands-on architect in the .NET space with 26 years of experience on an everlasting quest for knowledge to build the right software the right way at the right time

The Hague, The Netherlands


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