Getting a grip on your code dependencies

I'm sure every developer wants to be able to change code with confidence and without fear. Readable and self-explanatory code is one aspect of that. Too much coupling is another major source of problems that prevent you from changing one part of the system without causing side-effects. In this talk, I'd like you to show you common sources of unnecessary coupling and offer you options to help prevent and/or break those. I'll talk about how principles like Don't Repeat Yourself and Dependency Injection can be a double-edge sword, how to detect too unnecessary dependencies and how to use the Dependency Inversion Principle to unravel some of those. And yes, I will also talk about controlling dependencies on the package level.

@law of demeter
@using DRY
@Using DIP
@Dealing with ugly dependencies by applying DIP and an adapter
@SQ rule to detect too many dependencies
@Dependency management at the package level
@Dependency injection is great, but try to avoid a global container
@ASP.NET core at the module level

Dennis Doomen

Hands-on architect in the .NET space with 26 years of experience on an everlasting quest for knowledge to build the right software the right way at the right time

The Hague, The Netherlands

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