Dennis Vroegop

Information & Communications Technology

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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Team cohesion in a Working From Home environment

Everyone who is in the industry long enough, will be called the senior developer. And from senior developers people expect more. You need to show leadership skills and you are more less made responsible for keeping the team healthy and happy.
How do you do that in a world where people don't see each other every day? Or not even see each other at all?
In this session, Dennis shares his experiences in keeping a team together while being in different cities, countries or even continents and timezones. Technology is easy, the human side is harder.

So make sure to check out this session and learn how to keep your teammembes happy and productive!

Dennis Vroegop

Loving technology and the people working with it.

Expert in Azure Architecture, Mixed Reality and Machine Learning. Passionate about spreading knowledge on these and other technologies. I have been speaking at conferences, meetups and business meetings all over the world, always trying to get the audience to be as enthusiastic about the topics I talk about as I am.
I play the guitar which is the other place I perfect my stage skills!

I have been speaking all over the world for over 20 years, talking about all sorts of topics. My style is somewhat loose, feels like I am talking to a bunch of friends. Usually lots of demo's and I like to keep things flowing easily and informal.
Being knowledgeable on both the business and the developer side of organisations, I feel at home in all sorts of environments.

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