Derek Campbell

Database DevOps, the next step in the DevOps revolution

Are you up at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am on a Friday deploying your database manually, and sitting waiting for your script to finish?

More often than not, Databases are still not part of the DevOps approach. It needs overworked DBA's to go through each script and validate and test them before deploying from Dev, to Test through to Production manually.

In this session, I will discuss how to broach Database DevOps initially, then some tips to push it further across your team, and business to help you catch-up with competitors and to potentially accelerate past them to a fully automated deployment pipeline.

We'll cover some soft people skills and technology solutions to your Database DevOps problems.

Derek Campbell

Octopus Deploy - Continuous Delivery Architect

Derek has worked across the world in London, Melbourne, Singapore and now from home in Glasgow, Scotland, for Octopus Deploy as a CI/CD Architect in the Customer Success team. Derek works with and helps Octopus Deploy’s biggest clients with their CI/CD pipeline and helps enable their success with Octopus Deploy.

Derek’s passion is in automating ‘all of the things’. Professionally and personally he spends a lot of time automating home, personal and professional projects. Derek has been working in the DevOps and automation world for about 6 years using a mixture of different products deploying to On-Premise, AWS and Azure.

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