Derek Campbell

Taking your IaaS Product to SaaS in 18 months and Lessons learned from the trenches!

In 2018, we took a big step and launched a cloud-hosted SaaS version of our software, which until then, had always been run self-hosted by customers. We began to use Octopus Deploy to deploy Octopus Deploy for thousands of our cloud customers. In doing so, we became one of our own largest customers.

We launched Octopus Cloud V1 in 2018 first on AWS using EC2, RDS, and S3 and realized that it was simply too expensive to run for most customers in this configuration, and we had to go back to the drawing board and find the right solution. From our $100k a month hosting bill for AWS to some performance and reliability issues.

We tried Windows Containers, which was the wrong solution for us, and we agreed to undertake to port Octopus from .NET to .NET Core and to embrace Linux, Kubernetes, and other technologies along the way. In November 2019, we launched V2 of Cloud running on .NET Core on Linux Containers, which was running on Azure Kubernetes Service.

In this session, I will take you through the journey we went through, and the pain along the way and some handy tips on how best to proceed to take your Self-Hosted product and making it SaaS.

Derek Campbell

Octopus Deploy - Continuous Delivery Architect

Derek has worked across the world in London, Melbourne, Singapore and now from home in Glasgow, Scotland, for Octopus Deploy as a CI/CD Architect in the Customer Success team. Derek works with and helps Octopus Deploy’s biggest clients with their CI/CD pipeline and helps enable their success with Octopus Deploy.

Derek’s passion is in automating ‘all of the things’. Professionally and personally he spends a lot of time automating home, personal and professional projects. Derek has been working in the DevOps and automation world for about 6 years using a mixture of different products deploying to On-Premise, AWS and Azure.

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