Derek Cash-Peterson

Go with the Flow for Your Custom Global Navigation

Do your business owners need to update custom navigation links? Does your custom navigation control break every time someone edits the links?

In this session we will walk through creating a multi-level SPFx custom mega menu. We will create a dynamic way for non-technical business users to create and edit navigation items. Next, we will use Flow to pull it all together connecting the dynamically generated data to the mega menu.

You have the best of both worlds- an easy to read and performant data structure with an easy way for business users to edit the navigation elements. Remove yourself as the roadblock to update the navigation and help end users help themselves.

Derek Cash-Peterson

Principal Architect - Sympraxis Consulting

Derek is passionate about building visually appealing and intuitive applications, going beyond the development of efficient navigation structures to create interfaces and organizational structures that encourage and facilitate content authoring.

He has almost 20 years of industry experience building customized intranets, extranets, and public facing websites based on the Microsoft stack. He specializes in front-end development and visual design/branding of SharePoint and Office 365. He brings a design eye to a developers world along with skills in information architecture, content architecture, and collaboration strategy skills. He also enjoys working closely with his clients and has a knack at quickly understand their business drivers and the “why” behind the project. He often describes his role as the “technical therapist” bridging the communication gap between designers, internal IT staff, and the end users.

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