AI with Power Apps - Perform Text Classification and Prediction on your Data

In this session, we will talk about two different features of Power Apps AI Builder.
1. Text Classification
2. Prediction
Power Platform AI builder provides a facility to perform Text Classification and allows us to define the Tags. Based on the Tags, this will detect the appropriate classified tag from our model.
We can Perform different things with the Text Classification.
1. Sentiment Analysis
2. Spam Detection
3. Customer request routing

During session, we will take an example of One of the Hospital's feedback data and perform Text Classification using AI Builder.

After that, whenever the new feedback received to our model, we can predict its sentiment based on on the classified data.

With Power Apps AI Builder, we can predict the data based on the historical data. Let's say for an example,let's consider the example for Cinema database, wherein we have the historical data by day to day if a person is going to watch a movie or not.

Based on that we can predict the possibility of watching the movie for the upcoming future dates.

Dhruvin Shah

Microsoft MVP |Power Platform Specialist | Power BI | Power Automate | Power Apps | Power Virtual Agents | SharePoint

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