Dhruvin Shah

AI in Power Apps - Perform Category Classification and Entity Extraction from your Business Data

During this session, I'm going to cover two important components of Power Apps AI Builder - Entity Extraction and Category Classification.

A. Entity Extraction Using AI Builder

Entity Extraction AI model available in two forms – OOTB Entity Extraction AI Model and Custom Entity Extraction AI Model.

During this session we will be discussing the Custom Entity Extraction AI Model.

We will cover following points:
1. Get Started with Custom Entity Extraction AI Model using AI Builder

2. Build, Train and Publish Entity Extraction AI Model with Custom Entities

3. Consume Entity Extraction AI Model to Power Apps using Power Automate

B. Category Classification Using AI Builder

Power Platform AI builder provides a facility to perform Category Classification and allows us to define the Tags. Based on the Tags, this will detect the appropriate classified tag from our model.

We can Perform different things with the Category Classification.
1. Sentiment Analysis
2. Spam Detection
3. Customer request routing

I have divided this entire session into the following parts.
1. Introduction to Text Classification AI Model and Prerequisites to Build a Model
2. Import Raw Data to Common Data Service
3. Get Started to Build Text Classification AI Model
4. Train and Publish your Text Classification Model and Perform Testing
5. Consume Text Classification AI Model to Power Apps
6. Perform Sentiment Analysis using Text Classification AI Model

Dhruvin Shah

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