Interpretive Dance as an aid to Software Modeling

When we talk about technology architecture, we generally focus on code, infrastructure and domain modeling. We gather together in person or via Zoom in a design session or in a conference workshop talk and talk. We often talk about improving methods of thinking, alone and together.

In this workshop, we’ll explore *embodied* practices that help us think better as individuals and as a group. Physical practices can be the fast train to open our minds to new and changing ideas. Especially when our thoughts are stuck in a rut. You’ll learn activities that:
- Open your mind and improve the flow of ideas
- Increase your energy and change how you feel (when reacting)
- Change how you think, personally and as a group

Modeling is a group activity, even when we do some of it alone.. What is it about a group that allows modeling? In the arts, we see nuances when we watch a play that would not be clear when reading the script. In improvisational comedy, people have learned how to think well, collaboratively and in real time. Is there something we can learn from that? We will explore methods of working and thinking together as a group that will improve our collective thinking and modeling.

Join us in this fun and very unique workshop where we will do a different kind of modeling. An approach that will strengthen our architectural influence and make us better-reasoned thinkers.

Diana Montalion

Mentrix: Principal

New York City, New York, United States


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