Learning Systems Thinking

This training is for software developers and architects who want to deliver impactful change to modern software systems.

As the relational complexity of our software systems increases, our traditional linear approaches, reductionistic and analytical, are insufficient. We also need systems thinking skills, nonlinear skills that help us to understand how interrelated and interdependent parts act together to create patterns and processes.

We can't do this alone - we need to think well with others.

Systems thinking requires practice. Including modeling practices that support deep, impactful architectural change. Systems thinking practices provide systems leadership. Regardless of your role, these skills will help you lead impactful systemic change within your organization.

This training will introduce you to fundamental systems thinking practices. You will learn to:

- Communicate well-reasoned ideas, recommendations and theories.
- Improve you metacognition and recognize thinking patterns that are reactive or fallacious.
- Create conceptual models, alone and with others, to guide impactful decisions.
- Understand the systemic structures and feedback loops that block change.
- Discover the mental models that are the root cause of reoccurring, "won't fix" problems.
- View challenges as inherently sociotechnical and shift perspective easily to explore challenges from different points of view.
- Structure discovery, learning and exploration with others proactively.
- Accept that uncertainty is a natural, welcome and inevitable part of knowledge work.

Through hands-on exercises, exciting group modeling and building a real-world recommendation, you'll learn how to thrive amid complexity and uncertainty.

Diana Montalion

Mentrix: Principal

New York City, New York, United States


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