Elevate Your Lists to Superhero Status: Custom Formatting Unleashed

Level 300. Modern lists in SharePoint have undergone a remarkable transformation. The introduction of the Lists app in Office 365 has opened up a world of possibilities, leveraging the same modern SharePoint lists. While native customization options are plentiful, the true potential lies in the realm of custom list formatting.

Join us on an exciting journey, beginning with straightforward tips and gradually ascending to the point where your list views become a no-code powerhouse. Learn how to harness the magic of custom list formatting and witness your lists transform into dynamic, versatile tools in your arsenal.

This session will cover simple tweaks to complete replacement of the list rendering template. It will also cover some customization of the modern forms used by lists.

Don Kirkham

Microsoft MVP & MCT | Enterprise Architect, DMI

Arlington, Texas, United States


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