Empowering Your Modern Development Journey with SharePoint Framework and Viva Connections Toolkit

Level 200. Dive into the future of modern, client-side development in the Microsoft ecosystem with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). SPFx serves as the cornerstone for SharePoint webparts, extensions, Teams apps, Adaptive Card Extensions (ACEs), and Microsoft Viva.

This class is your gateway to SPFx development excellence. We'll start by demystifying the SPFx model and guide you through crafting the ideal development environment. Learn to configure a versatile developer workspace and embark on a hands-on journey, building, debugging, and deploying your very first SPFx webpart. We'll discover how the Viva Connections Toolkit can accelerate the process of creating, debugging, and deploying your solutions. Join us in shaping the future of development with SPFx.

Demos will cover NodeJS and how to manage with Node Version Manager. We will use the latest version of SPFx to build, debug and deploy a webpart and, time permitting, how to use that webpart in MS Teams. We'll also show how Viva Connections Toolkit allows you to skip a lot of manual processes for debugging and deploying solutions.

Don Kirkham

Microsoft MVP & MCT | Enterprise Architect, DMI

Arlington, Texas, United States


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