Don Miller

Information & Communications Technology

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Detroit, Michigan, United States

Firing Up Your iOS Apps

iOS Apps can be fun to build, but rarely do you have a stand alone app. You are either connecting to a 3rd party API or building a web server to get and push data too. Firebase makes it easy to handle all of the behind the scene details needed for a mobile app. In this session you will learn how to install Firebase to use with Xcode and utilize the analytics, database, storage, and authentication. There will be some information on the other features that are available too.

Don Miller

Director of TouchStone Digital marketing agency

Don is a prominent voice in the field of software engineering who leads high-value development projects. He’s widely regarded for his technical skills, as a developer of mobile and web applications, and for his broad understanding of databases and information systems. His reputation as a reliable, entrepreneurial expert who manages teams of developers to build quality software is well deserved. Don is committed to providing technical solutions through effective programming and project management. Yet, even with his extensive knowledge, Don communicates technical concepts well to the uninitiated. In fact, he’s a popular speaker who frequently shares insight from his 20+ years of building custom desktop, web, and mobile software to groups around the country. A graduate of the University of Toledo, Don gives back to the school by molding and updating the curriculum via advisory committees and teaching classes to future programmers.

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