Data Science for Folks Without (or With!) a Ph.D.

At the risk of being cliche the world is drowning in data. Our clicks generate web server logs. IoT devices measure weather, noise, pollution and bacon levels 24/7. We carry phones with us constantly that monitor our location and wear watches that monitor our health. Is it possible to keep afloat? Fortunately, the expansive and accessible field of data science can be our life preserver. This session will focus on the data science abilities of the PyData stack composed of numpy for numerical functions, pandas for data analytics, matplotlib for visualization, and the Jupyter Notebook, an interactive computing environment that will leverage the full power of data science and Python. It will also cover other languages and tools that make it easy to find the right solution for your sea of data.

This session was presented 5 times in 2019: once as a workshop - at Codepalousa in August - and 4 times as a lecture - at Kansas City Developer Conference in July, Codepalousa in August, Music City Tech in September and DevSpace in October. It is among my most popular topics.

Douglas Starnes

Technology entrepreneur, content creator and Microsoft MVP

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