Deep Learning for JavaScript Folks Without (or With!) a Ph.D.

Deep learning is more than just a buzzword, it’s the state of the art. The power of deep learning enables fraud detection, speech recognition, self-driving cars and more. But you’re a JavaScript developer, does this mean you can’t access this power? With TensorFlow.js, you can! This session will cover the concepts of deep learning and neural networks geared towards the JavaScript developer. Using little math, you’ll see how to summon convolutional neural networks for image recognition, recurrent neural networks for text generation and more. Deep learning is already impacting everyone’s lives, and will continue to. Leveraging it will be an essential skills for software engineers and technology professionals.

This session was presented twice in 2019 at Connect.Tech in October: as both a workshop and lecture. The workshop received around 50 attendees and was the highest attended workshop of the conference, exceeding Angular, Vue.js and the React workshop by Kent Dodds. The lecture was attended by over 150 and perhaps upwards of 200 the next day. Connect.Tech is a front end web developer conference.

Douglas Starnes

Technology entrepreneur, content creator and Microsoft MVP

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