Ed Senez

Evolutionary Ways to Measure Engagement

We have been on an evolutionary journey of technological advances and an awakening society that have forced companies to digitally transform, whether they want to or not. A new way of work has emerged and being able to understand how your workforce is engaging and how they are feeling can be a daunting task. Gone are the days when a manager can walk around the office and understand the corporate mood. Given this, companies are turning to data sciences to glean insights, assess trends and yes, even start to predict future events through data analysis. There are new radios signals in the air, is your radio tuned in?

Technical Level 100

Ed Senez

CEO and Co-Founder of UnlimitedViz -Makers of tyGraph

With over 30 years in the technology space, Ed is a frequent speaker on the subject of data analytics as it relates to adoption and change management and organizational behavior. He was a member of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council on Business Intelligence for 5 years and is CEO and Co-Founder of the company that makes the award winning tyGraph Analytics for Microsoft 365 solution.

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