Édgar Sánchez Gordón

Information & Communications Technology

.NET .NET 5 .NET Backend C#.Net F# Blazor Azure ML.NET PowerBI ASP.NET Entity Framework Kotlin julia

Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Crafting Teams Bots with F# and .NET 5

In this session, we will show the architecture of Teams bots, the API for creating bots, and then we will live code a couple of example bots using the functional language F#.

Édgar Sánchez Gordón

Microsoft Regional Director

30 years writing business apps. In love with functional programming since learning LISP in college. Co-founder of Logic Studio, a software house with almost a hundred friends in Quito, Ecuador and Panama City, Panama. Ecuador Technology Chamber Board of Directors. Microsoft Regional Director. Aspiring trail runner and triathlete.

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