Workshop: Functions with DevOps - Get in production in one day

During this workshop, you will create an event-driven service with Azure Functions and deploy that service automatically using Azure DevOps pipelines and Azure Bicep. During the morning, I will explain what Azure Functions are and when to use Azure Functions and we will create an operational functions project. After lunch, I will explain the DevOps part of the deployment process and deploy the Azure Functions project created in the morning automatically using Azure DevOps pipelines and Infrastructure as Code with Bicep.

Attendees of this workshop must have an Azure DevOps account with enough permissions to create projects and pipelines and change organization and project settings.
They must also have access to an Azure subscription with enough permission to create service principals and change permissions and roles.

Eduard Keilholz

Team Lead & Solution Architect at 4DotNet | Azure MVP

The Hague, The Netherlands


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