Effective Public Speaking in Tech

Public speaking is a critical life skill that benefits anyone in any field. The ability to effectively communicate ideas in meetings, presentations, or interviews is necessary to make the most of our technical skills. The greatest ideas in history would have been meaningless if their inventors were unable to share them with others effectively.

In the world of tech, this skill is even more pronounced as the knowledge gap between what we do and how it appears to others is far greater. This session dives into public speaking, focusing on how we as technical experts can best improve and use this skill to its fullest. Tips, tricks, and best practices will be shared that will help make speaking an experience that is more fun and less scary. This is intended to feel more like a technical session, with demos and embarrassing stories to illustrate the importance of this topic.

In addition, group facilitation skills will be discussed, focusing on the need to include audience engagement in any speaking endeavor. Knowing how to best gain and maintain the attention of a group is as important as speaking clearly and articulately.

The scope of this session goes well beyond presenting sessions and will help in any scenario where information sharing with other team members, organizations, and even friends is involved. Level up your speaking skills here!

Edward Pollack

Data Architect | Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Albany, New York, United States


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